President Jodi Crawford shepardpresident@gmail.com
Assistant to the President Lesley Schneider shepardpresident@gmail.com
1st VP - Programs Arielle Silberman asilberm@travelers.com
2nd VP - Ways and Means Vanessa Hall vmloya@yahoo.com
3rd VP - Membership Jenni Panter jenni.panter@gmail.com
4th VP - Volunteers Courtney Barrett courtneyjbarrett@gmail.com
5th VP - Correspondence Nicole Bowman nicole.l.bowman@gmail.com
Treasurer Lauren Roberson roberson.laura@gmail.com
Recording Secretary Jessica Bloomer jessmbloomer@gmail.com
Parliamentarian Kaci Lahpor kaci@lahpor.com




Principal Kristin Bishop kristin.bishop@pisd.edu
Assistant Principal Kate Forisha kate.forisha@pisd.edu
Faculty Representative    




Arts in Education OPEN  
Auction Kaci Lahpor kaci@lahpor.com
Book Fair Vanessa Hall vmloya@yahoo.com
Box Tops Heather Farrar brady.heather@gmail.com
Business Partners Chad Dalton eliotdalton@hotmail.com
  Phil Causins pcausin@gmail.com
Environmental Tracy Howe tracymhowe@hotmail.com
Field Day Haylee Lee andy.hayley@gmail.com
Hospitality Olivia Smith livs81@gmail.com
  Molly Englerth Molly.englerth@gmail.com
Legislative/Council Delegate Melissa Giles mlee1025@gmail.com
Library STREAM Lab Coordinator Mercy Stringer mgsgeologist@gmail.com
Library Volunteer Coordinator Mercy Stringer mgsgeologist@gmail.com
Parent Ed. and SAGE OPEN  
Patriot Post and Website Nicole Bowman  nicole.l.bowman@gmail.com
Reflections Alyssa Briggs  
Spiritwear Roxanne Wright roxyjw@gmail.com
  Kendra Embery k_embery@hotmail.com
Tuesday Packets Kathy Sanavong kathyplin@hotmail.com
Yearbook Amanda Alexander amandaalexanderPTA@gmail.com
Kinder Grade Level Coordinator Alicia Severe Alicia.severe@gmail.com
  Tracy Howe tracymhowe@hotmail.com
1st Grade Level Coordinator Laura Brinck ljwlaura@yahoo.com
2nd Grade Level Coordinator Lauren Roberson roberson.laura@gmail.com
  Jessica Bloomer jessmbloomer@gmail.com
3rd Grade Level Coordinator Vanessa Hall vmloya@yahoo.com
  Nicole Bowman nicole.l.bowman@gmail.com
4th Grade Level Coordinator Kaci Lahpor kaci@lahpor.com
  Michele Tesdall tesdallkm@gmail.com
5th Grade Level Coordinator Jodi Crawford jodipcrawford@gmail.com
  Roxanne Wright roxyjw@gmail.com
Marquee Sign Chad Dalton eliotdalton@hotmail.com

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Together We Can

Principal:  Kristin Bishop

Vice Principal: Kate Forisha

School Hours:  7:45 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Motto:  "Together We Can"

Mascot:  Patriots

School Colors:  Red, White & Blue

State Accountability Rating:  Recognized as a Blue Ribbon School in 2008