Position                                    Name                 Home Phone     Cell Phone           E-Mail

President Kaci Lahpor   214-310-6152 kaci@lahpor.com
1st VP Programs Lesley Schneider   214-356-1605 lesleyjbedarf@yahoo.com
  Jodi Crawford   972-816-5867 jodipcrawford@gmail.com
2nd VP Ways and Means Kim Whitehead   214-551-7074 kwhitehead1@gmail.com
3rd VP Membership Vanessa Hall   512-736-0454 vmloya@yahoo.com
4th VP Volunteers Janet Wisner   972-365-0503 janetwisner@verizon.net
5th VP Correspondence Teresa Thomas 972-423-5241 610-745-7817 tecthomas1972@gmail.com
Treasurer Kendra Embery   402-493-3849 k_embery@hotmail.com
Recording Secretary Betsy Davis   614-599-2560 betsy2622@gmail.com
Parliamentarian Jenny Ridley 972-423-8564 214-704-3547 jennyridley1@yahoo.com
Faculty Representatives     
Principal Kristin Bishop     kristin.bishop@pisd.edu
Vice Principal Ben Braden     ben.braden@pisd.edu
Faculty Representative Chrissy Ferenschuetz  469-752-3145   christina.ferenschuetz@pisd.edu
Specials Representative Kaitlyn Wright  469-752-3176   kaitlyn.wright@pisd.edu
Chairpersons & Coordinators     
Arts in Education Paige Shipp 214-473-6822 214-869-4916 paigeemery@yahoo.com
Auction/Carnival Tracey Dry 972-578-8294 214-709-3361 traceysdry@yahoo.com
Book Fair Kim Whitehead   214-551-7074 kwhitehead1@gmail.com
Box Tops Julie Sluder   214-395-1320 jsluder97@hotmail.com
Business Partners Eric Embery      
  Adam Panter     adam.panter@gmail.com
Field Day Hayley Lee 214-299-9120 214-587-1203 andy.hayley@gmail.com
Hospitality Courtney Barrett   214-727-6206 courtneyjlbarrett@gmail.com
  Jenni Panter   940-368-0927 jenni.panter@gmail.com
Legislative/Council Delegate Mercy Stringer   361-739-7996  mgsgeologist@gmail.com 
Library Volunteer Coordinator Mercy Stringer   361-739-7996  mgsgeologist@gmail.com 
Parent Ed. And SAGE        
Patriot Post/MTK Website Teresa Thomas 972-423-5241  610-745-7817  tecthomas1972@gmail.com
Spiritwear Roxanne Wright   214-402-7992 roxyjw@gmail.com
Tuesday Packet Teresa Thomas 972-423-5241 610-745-7817  tecthomas1972@gmail.com
Tuesday Packet Kathy Sanavong     kathyplin@hotmail.com
Yearbook Amanda Alexander 972-596-8606 214-280-6616 amandaalexanderpta@gmail.com
Kinder Grade Level Coordinator Jodi Crawford   972-816-5867 jodipcrawford@gmail.com
1st Grade Level Coordinator Tracey Howe      
2nd Grade Level Coordinator Michele Tesdall   972-533-8448 tesdallkm@gmail.com
  Paige Smith   972-898-6778 paigesmithwork@gmail.com
3rd Grade Level Coordinator Jodi Crawford   972-816-5867 jodipcrawford@gmail.com
  Roxanne Wright   214-402-7992 roxyjw@gmail.com
4th Grade Level Coordinator Kaci Lahpor   214-310-6152 kaci@lahpor.com
  Kristin Mokry   210-487-8875 kristin.mokry@gmail.com
5th Grade Level Coordinator Jenny Ridley 972-423-8564 214-704-3547 jennyridley1@yahoo.com

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Together We Can

Principal:  Kristin Bishop

Vice Principal: Ben Braden

School Hours:  7:45 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Motto:  "Together We Can"

Mission Statement:  To create a welcoming and nurturing environment where parents and school staff partner together with the community to ensure student success and enjoyment of learning.

Mascot:  Patriots

School Colors:  Red, White & Blue

State Accountability Rating:  Recognized as a Blue Ribbon School in 2008