There are several direct and indirect ways you can help Shepard PTA raise money to pay for student and teacher programs and events that would otherwise not be available.  Besides school-wide fundraisers that we have, we have many fundraising programs you can be a part of all year long to help the Shepard community.





As you drive out/leave the carpool lane there is a large blue receptacle (picture below) in the staff parking lot.  For every pound of donations (used clothing, toys, small appliances) the Shepard PTA receives money back.  For a list of accepted donations go here.








Tom Thumb will pay 1% of our members' total grocery purchases to Shepard Elementary. The amount of the check depends on the amount of our supporters' total purchases.

Click here to sign up to give back to Shepard Elementary.

Use Shepard Elementary School PTA vendor #: 228023




Shepard PTA is a registered school with the Coca-Cola Give program. You may donate Coca-Cola product codes on our Coke Gives page. Please note that the Coca-Cola Give program is being discontinued. All remaining bottle codes must be submitted online by 6/30/23. 



Shepard PTA receives 10 cents for every box top product purchased and scanned in the app. Click Here to learn more.  A list of more than 350 box-top products can be found here




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